We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all Londoners to access the employment and apprenticeship opportunities arising out of our works. In particular, we are keen to create access for ex offenders to these opportunities, as research indicates that employment opportunities enable ex offenders  to successfully re enter society whilst also reducing greatly their risk of reoffending.

In response, we have developed a successful partnership for targeting ex offenders with ‘A Fairer Chance’ (AFC). AFC is a London-based not for profit social enterprise, formed to provide specialist employment and skills interventions for (ex) offenders. AFC are experienced in supporting (ex) offenders by working one-on-one to ensure that they have the support they require, and are fully ready to enter work. By working closely with AFC, and engaging with others such as the Probation Trust, we have been successful in enabling a number of (ex) offenders to access sustainable employment and apprenticeship opportunities with a range of our suppliers.

We are committed to continuing with this successful partnership and others like it, ensuring that we continue to grow the programme and further increase the numbers of ex offenders moving into sustainable employment.

Suppliers Skill Project Manager, Transport for London