Local support for Marcos

A Fairer Chance first met Marcos in the summer of 2014. We saw great potential in Marcos and knew given the right opportunity he could build himself a good career and fulfil his potential. He really wanted to learn a trade and build up his skills. He was living in Walthamstow, an area of urban deprivation with high levels of unemployment, and he was struggling to find work.

When we met him, we prepared him for an interview with a major retailer, but unfortunately he wasn’t offered the job, and the employer fed back that they felt he lacked confidence, which would impede him in the role. Working with the Community Development team at Tottenham Hotspur Foundation had built up his confidence significantly, and we could see he was ready to find work, so the last challenge was for Marcos to have the self-belief at interview to convince an employer he was the right person for the job.

We arranged for Marcos to attend Route into Work, a pre-employment course at the London Transport Museum. Delivered by London Transport Museum and supported by Transport for London, the course uses London Transport Museum’s work-related collection of exhibits to inspire young people, build their confidence and equip them with skills they need for employment. The delegates explore different jobs and careers, improve their CVs and prepare for job interviews. The final outcome is to deliver a group presentation to an employer.

Marcos did exceptionally well on this course and was even asked to star in their promotional video. You can see how his confidence has grown, as he describes his experiences in this great short film, showcasing an exceptional example of pre-employment training.

More on Marcos’ story tomorrow…