About us

A Fairer Chance (AFC), is a Community Interest Company formed in September 2011. Its overall objective is to reduce worklessness across the UK’s priority groups.

We have placed ex-offenders, NEETS and ex-gang members as well as care leavers, long term unemployed and older workers into employment across facilities management, rail, construction and retail industries.

AFC specialise in working with ex-offenders, serving prisoners and those furthest from the labour market, through developing sustainable skills and employment route ways in partnership with employers and the public sector employment and skills system. Our purpose is to:

“To identify and influence skills and training delivered both in custody and the community then translate into sustainable employment.”

In the past 12 months, we have placed 200+ offenders and NEETs into sustainable employment.

For every 3 interviews we place 2 of our clients into employment.

We currently have a 65% retained into employment percentage.

Let us be your guide…

  • We guide employers through the welfare to work and criminal justice system and guarantee that if you recruit from A Fairer Chance, you will know everything you need to know to make an informed decision.
  • Design and deliver employment and skills brokerage and training services in partnership with employers.
  • Our Employer Account Management team, have on-going relationships with large and small employers across the retail, construction, rail and facilities management and utility services.
  • Draw applicants who we prepare, screen and match from London Probation, Working Links, Jobcentre Plus, The Police, DWP Work Programme and also from the voluntary and community sector.
  • We deliver training workshops centred on effective employer engagement and how to effectively make an ex-offender ready for the labour market and caseload management.


A Fairer Chance employs people with the relevant skills, qualifications and commitment who have first-hand experience of the criminal justice system.

We also have a number of associates across London, who specialise in mentoring and supporting our beneficiaries, with whom we work closely. These associates provide continuous support for our beneficiaries even after they have moved into employment.