How can we help your company: the business case

A Fairer Chance will never ask employers to lower expectations.

Over the last two years, A Fairer Chance has worked with a number of national employers across retail, construction, rail, catering and facilities management.

Placing over 350 young people, long term unemployed and ex offenders into employment, A Fairer Chance ensures candidates are motivated, risk assessed (where required) and fully prepped for interview.

We support all kinds of businesses, from small local enterprises to larger multinational corporations. We can find, employ and train your new recruits, and because our work uses government funding, it doesn’t cost our employers anything.

We have a large and varied candidate pool available at any time.

A Fairer Chance specialise in placing our clients into long term employment, ensuring they are job ready and motivated to work. We make sure they are prepared for the world of work and understand business culture as well as a specific understanding of the industry they are applying to.

We screen, match and prepare all our beneficiaries and offer post-employment support to our clients and employers. Over 65% of our clients are still employed with the same company at six months.

If you would like to know more about how we can help with your recruitment please contact us.