Carrie’s alternative degree route

Carrie, aged 22, had worked in a number of retail roles since leaving school with a few GCSEs. She had also undertaken an Access to Nursing course at college, but not yet found her niche. She lives on her own in a flat in North London and after walking away from another zero hours contracted retail job, she was referred to A Fairer Chance.

We spent time drawing out Carrie’s skills and abilities and guided her through a range of confidence building exercises before searching out opportunities for this talented young woman.  When we rang to tell her about an “alternative to degree route to museum curating”, a fantastic opportunity linked to a national museum, her first reactions were, “it’s my ideal job”, but then, “I won’t get it”. This job combined her excellent people skills with her flair for art and design and a real interest in history.

After a grueling three stage recruitment process, involving group activities, researching and presenting a small piece of work, and a board interview, Carrie was dumbstruck when the letter arrived offering the job. Carrie said, “Without A Fairer Chance I would never even have known about the job let alone had the courage to apply. Now I’ve got a real career, being paid to do something I love”. Carrie started her job, on a two year contract, at the beginning of October 2014 and as part of the role will work towards a professional qualification in Museum Studies.