Somayeh’s graduate level success

“I want to go back in to prisons and do talks on life after release especially in terms of finding work. I wanted to use A Fairer Chance as an example of help that is available and to promote the work that they do. Speaking from experience I don’t think there is enough being done to help women once they have left prison and definitely not enough being done whilst there are serving their time. By going in and speaking to them from experience I think we can make them want to get out there and find work and show that the construction industry isn’t just about men and construction sites!”

Through an associated charity, AFC was notified of a graduate entry opportunity with an international property company. Whilst the company has a history of employing people in manual and other entry level jobs, it had been assumed that we were unlikely to be able to source reformed offenders with the necessary academic or commercial background to fill the job, Sustainability Assistant. However, the Charity’s Recruitment and Retention lead was able to persuade the company to cast its net widely.

Somayeh was a serving prisoner, nearing the end of her sentence for a non-violent crime. She had completed her unpaid work stage and was working with the A Fairer Chance advisor based in Kent. Somayeh, a business administration graduate, seemed to be an ideal candidate. She had already completed our pre-employment training and spent the next couple of days researching both the company and sustainability in property development prior to a telephone interview on Christmas Eve. Somayeh did very well and was invited to the Company’s HO for a formal interview, and beat off other “normal” competition to land the job.

This is a more sensitive situation than normal as it is a jump from a construction site to a corporate function. Only a handful of people were aware of Somayeh’s circumstances. The situation became easier when she was released to London in Mid-March.

Somayeh has now been working as a Project Manager for Lend Lease at their prestigious Regents Park for over 18 months.