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We first met the directors of A Fairer Chance when they were part of the Mayor’s Office, at London Employer Accord. We starting working with A Fairer Chance in September 2011 and since then our relationship has gone from strength to strength. 

We have worked with A Fairer Chance on hundreds of vacancies ranging from unskilled General assistants to skilled bakers, counters staff and team leaders. 

AFC really got inside the business. Attended and assisted at store recruitment events, worked at senior level to agree a full risk assessment process for employing both people in the community and in prison.

It’s a two way street, AFC take our managers to probation and into custody where Sainsbury’s staff can see and influence the training delivered. E.g. Through the gates recruitment from Bad Boyz Bakery into baking and confectioner roles.

Since becoming a formal Sainsbury’s You Can partner they have filled in excess of 300 vacancies. We are such a large organisation that I cannot give this full information but when we did look at a sample it was better than 70% retention at 6months.

We are actively expanding our work with AFC as we see them as a safe pair of hands. They are one of just six organisations with access to our vacancies under You Can.

Resourcing Lead, YouCan, Sainsbury’s